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Selection of References

I provide below a selection of references from people I've tutored. I am able to provide referees on request.


"My tutorial sessions with Ben provided me with an opportunity to regularly develop and sharpen my understanding of econometrics. His style of teaching is clear and well paced, and always ensures that I thoroughly understand every step we cover before moving on. His help allowed to me to radically improve my grades from a 2:2 to a 1st in my university exams. I highly recommend Ben as a tutor who is committed and allows students such as myself to make such positive improvements." 
Online undergraduate econometrics tuition


"Ben Lambert tutored  my daughter  for several  months throughout 2013 leading up to her Oxford entrance exam in November. Ben prepared extensively for each session  to ensure that he presented my daughter with relevant challenging questions/topics. Ben set prep, recommended books to read whilst on summer holiday and altogether raised my daughter's game so that she went into the exam confident in terms of both her knowledge and her ability. When my daughter heard that she had been offered an interview by Oxford Ben helped her to prepare for this in a calm and thorough way. We recently heard that my daughter had been offered a place to read engineering at Oxford. I would highly recommend Ben for his calm and diligent approach to teaching and maximising the potential  of the student. As would be expected he is very clever but also has a nice sense of humour." Oxford entrance preparation tuition.


"Ben has a knack of providing clear and concise explanations on complicated topics, they really helped me with my understanding of maths. He goes the extra mile and each session was well planned out and balanced demonstrating how to do problems and supporting me when tackling the problems myself. I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone in need of a bit of extra help." Undergraduate physics & mathematics tuition

"Since I started lessons with Ben I have seen a significant improvement in my Statistics and Econometrics.  Ben has a very clear and structured way of teaching, and he also boasts excellent communication skills. I now feel more confident dealing with daunting statistical problems. Receiving help from Ben has considerably improved my exam results in my University modules. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with Mathematics and/or Statistics." Undergraduate econometrics tuition


"Ben Lambert has been giving my daughter maths tuition in recent months. He is an excellent tutor. His approach has stimulated and encouraged my daughter's enthusiasm for maths. She has responded well to the challenges he has set and seems to enjoy the subject even more. Ben is highly professional and prepares for the tutorials to ensure the student gets the most out of the session and has fun too. I would happily recommend him." Oxford entrance preparation tuition


"Ben was an excellent tutor, he had planned the lesson well in advance and gave good advice. Even though I only met him once, the lesson was vital in helping me achieve my goal and saving me from failing my course. Thanks Ben!" 
Undergraduate game theory tuition


"My 17 Year old son was struggling with Economics 'A' level and got a 'D' in the January exams. Although he had at that point decided that he would only take the subject to 'AS' level, he was keen to try and get a 'C' overall.  As he had lost faith in his teacher , we looked for a tutor and found Ben. As my son said, he must be a magician as Ben did 2-3 months work with him and he has now got a 'C' for his 'AS' level that would not have been achieved otherwise, as my son was despondent and had lost interest in the subject altogether.  It was also affecting his enthusiasm for his other subjects. I wanted to find a tutor who was closer in age to my son, so that it didn't feel too much having a teacher from school.  Ben was very responsive, quickly understood where my son was having difficulties and focussed in those areas. Given all of Ben's own academic achievements, he was also inspirational for my son who has now seen the opportunities that good grades can bring and is entering his final year at school with a new determination to get the best results he can. " A Level economics tuition


"Ben is a great tutor as he encourages me to delve further beyond the maths school syllabus which will help me for my University application. As he has been to both Oxford and Cambridge he is able to give advice as to what these institutions are looking for in students." Oxford entrance preparation tuition


"I'm a postgraduate student who received tuition from Ben Lambert in Statistics and Economics. I had very little knowledge of Maths, so Statistics did not come naturally or easily to me. However, I found his manner to be very patient and willing to go through elementary details until I fully grasped it. I passed my Statistics which would not have been possible without Ben's tuition and so impressed was I with his tuition that when I had an Economics exam, I had a couple of revision sessions with him and found him to be equally good. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben." Postgraduate econometrics tuition


"Ben Lambert has first class knowledge of Economics, and is able to condense even the most complicated mathematical formula into terms anyone struggling with maths can understand." Undergraduate microeconometrics tuition

"Ben is an excellent tutor.  He tutored me in micro and macro economics and mathematics for economics at undergraduate level over a 7 month period.  He knows the subjects incredibly well and is really good at explaining complicated issues.  He is very professional in his approach to tutoring – he prepared in advance for tutorials, he rarely changed tutorials and he made himself available at key times prior to exams.  He also was personally interested in my progress and encouraged me when it all felt overwhelming.  I'd highly recommend him." Undergraduate economics tuition